I love the heat. I think I’m in the minority on this one. Most of my friends and family prefer the crisp air of autumn. I like the fall (cuz it’s my birrrrfday!) but I really love the heat. What I don’t love is that my cancer medicine, Tamoxifen, makes me sweat through the easiest chores and it obviously gets worst in the hot weather. For example, when blow-drying my hair I get so sweaty that the hair that I just dried gets soaking wet all over again. Even my cheeks, chest and arms glisten with perspiration. It’s annoying – to say the least. And while I think I have it bad, I think about my fellow Cancer Cuties who have lost their eyebrows and are trying to keep their painted-on ones in place. The struggle is real.

For those of you who are experiencing this first-hand for the first time, I have some good news – there is an easy fix. Selecting the right brow products – specifically those that are made with a wax base – will keep your arches in place no matter what the weather. As my dear friend and makeup artist Ramy Gafni says, “You don’t want your brows coming off at brunch!” So true. The goal is to look hot – not like a hot mess.

There are three wax-based brow products that I think are the best especially for patients/survivors who don’t have actual hair to layer over. My favorites are:

Ramy Miracle Brow: This comes with two brow colors and a precision brush. The beauty of this is that the wax formula stays locked in place while you can blend the shades to customize your color. $28, ramy.com or Amazon.com

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit: Legendary newswoman and fellow cancer survivor, Joan Lunden, told me she loved using this kit while she was in treatment. “It comes with a pigmented wax and powder and two tiny brushes. You dip the little angled brush into the wax to create the shape, and then you use the other brush to apply the powder to set it in place. I like it because it really lasts.” Bonus: It comes in 6 shades. $32, benefitcosmetics.com

Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus Pencil & Gel: I love this dual-ended product because of the tri-angled pencil tip. It really allows you to mimic the look of individual eyebrow hairs for a really precise, feathery look. Both the wax formula and clear gel are waterproof (key) and vegan. You may not need the gel when you don’t have any hair of your own, but once they start growing back, you’ll love how the stronghold formula makes your brows last all day! $24, nudestix.com

Two key tips to follow when creating eyebrows from scratch:

  1. When you have no eyebrow hair, you need to use a darker shade then your normal hair color to have it show up against bare skin. This seems counter-intuitive because it is the opposite of what you do when you have eyebrow hair. But trust me on this. Going 1-2 shades darker does the trick
  2. If you are using a brow pencil or kit that doesn’t come with powder, use a little translucent powder to set it in place. This does a few things: it softens the color; nixes the waxy shine; and forms a seal over the wax so it adheres longer.

If you have any makeup tricks, product recommendations or questions – share them with me! I want to hear from you! Good luck!!!