It really sucks that we live in a time where we need GoFundMe fundraisers to help pay for cancer treatments. But such is the case for 26-year-old Carolina. I found out about Carolina from a fellow colleague, who is good friends with her. When I heard her story, it instantly broke my heart. So let me tell you a little about her.

Carolina hails from Ohio and had always dreamed about being a vet. When she scored a coveted spot at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada – she did what so many of us would have done – she jumped at the opportunity. But her dreams were dashed not long after when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she came back to the US to get treatment and be with her family, she found it difficult to find an affordable insurance plan that would take her on. After an exhaustive search, she found a plan, but the financial costs of Carolina diagnosis are going to exceed what her family can cover.

I want everyone reading this to just take a minute to think about how tragic this situation is. Besides dealing with a life-altering diagnosis, think about how scary it is to struggle to find obtain health insurance when your life is at risk. Think about what a burden it is to carry that stress into surgery and treatment? You know that can’t be good for the body. And just think about how devastated you would be if you were thisclose to grabbing your life’s dream, only to have a health crisis force you to let it slip through your fingers. It’s one punch in the gut after the other.

You may think a $2 or $5 donation is inconsequential (it’s less than a Starbucks Venti Latte after all), but enough little acts of compassion means Carolina can afford life-saving tests and treatment without her parents going into bankruptcy to save her life.

I am pleading support for Carolina and I ask all of you to do so to.




“Gratitude is shown to G-d through acts of kindness to others.”